Soke Barr

Soke Barr

Soke Grandmaster Larry Barr is the founder and 10th Dan of Seido Ryu Karate. Seido Ryu means "Way of Life Style."

Soke Barr has trained for 35 years and has volunteered since 1991. He is the vice president of the Bergen County Police Athletic League, where he teaches.

Soke Barr has brought up 65 students to black belt. His students have won over ten thousand trophies in competition.

Soke Barr has been inducted into several martial art halls of fame:

2013 Teacher of the Year

2014 Man of the Year

2015 School of the Year

2016 Family of the Year

2017 International Grandmaster of the Year (Barcelona, Spain)

Soke is the author of the book "Wisdom from the Dojo and Other Tales." He is also an ordained minister in the martial arts as a Reverend under Shinja University.

His mission is to save lives through the power of karate-do.